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Un parrafo expositivo de la tecnología

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When traveling in the spanish-speaking countries, it's very important to be able to understand directions in spanish, so that you can find out how to get from place to place. but what happens if you need to give a friend directions? would you be prepared? in this project you'll practice giving directions to places in panama city.
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Ineed with spanish because i suck at it. is this right?
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#'s 101- 105 saber vs. conocer. fill in the correct conjugate verb 1. yo __ jugar el fútbol. 2. yo _ a tu hermana. 3. ella __ todos los capitales del mundo. 4. nosotros __ rosman. 5. ellos __ hablar bien el español.
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La catedral es la iglesia más importante de una diócesis. la catedral de cusco es muy antigua pero está muy bien conservada.
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Un parrafo expositivo de la tecnología...
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