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What does the religion of macumba demonstrate cultural diffusion?

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In 1914, alabama produced 1.7 million bales of cotton, but three years later produced only 515,000, bales. meanwhile, in georgia, 5.2 million acres of land was dedicated for cotton production in 1914, but by 1923 there were just 2.6 million acres used for growing cotton. all of this was the result of the work of a tiny insect: the boll weevil. alabama and georgia first felt the effects of the boll weevil at different times. what would account for this difference in timing?
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Stie cineva cati ani poti fii director de sa imi specificati si legea va rog
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1. explain the impact on colonial life of the religious revival movement known as the great awakening. be sure to discuss its social as well as religious effects. what do you imagine some of the great awakening’s “significant political consequences” alluded to by eric foner might have been?
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County officials are appointed by the county of board of supervisors a true b false
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What does the religion of macumba demonstrate cultural diffusion?...