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Nobject moves in a circular path at a constant speed. what is the relationship between the directions of the object's velocity and acceleration vectors?

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4. now look at the green lines you created by connecting the three boiling point data points and the three melting point data points. for each of these lines, describe any trends you see. 5. locate the elements on your periodic table that you circled in green on your graph. what term or description would you use to identify these elements with respect to the periodic table? 7. using the room temperature line (orange line) and your periodic table, make lists that identify the state of matter (gas, liquid, or solid) in which each element you plotted exists at room temperature. explain your answers.
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Suppose that a mass of 2 kg is attached a spring whose spring constant is 50. the system is damped such that b = 12 . the mass is set in motion with an initial velocity of -8 m/s at a position 0 meters from equilibrium. set up and solve a differential equation that models this motion. write your solution in the form a cos ( ω t − α ) where α is a positive number. use your solution to fill in the information below: what is the amplitude of the motion? what is the value of ω ? what is the phase shift?
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Which of the following is probably the least necessary character trait needed to be a good clinical nurse?
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Which of the following best describes the shape of earth's orbit? a.ellipticalb.circularc.spirald.figure eight
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Nobject moves in a circular path at a constant speed. what is the relationship between the direction...
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