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When x=12,y=8. Find x when y=12

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The number of lattes sold daily for two coffee shops is shown in the table: lattes 12 52 57 33 51 15 46 45 based on the data, what is the difference between the median of the data, including the possible outlier(s) and excluding the possible outlier(s)? 48.5 23 8.4 3
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Gail is making costumes for a school play. each rabbit costume needs one and one half yards of white fur fabric, a yard of blue striped fabric, and a quarter of a yard of pink felt for the ears. g? ail needs to make eight rabbit man yards will she need, for the white fur fabric, blue striped fabric, and pink felt?
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What dimensions can créate more than one triangle ?
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The constitution gives congress the power to create federal courts lower than the supreme court higher than the supreme court equal to the supreme court, unaffected by the supreme court.
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When x=12,y=8. Find x when y=12...
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