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How do you simplify 420/1980?

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Graph the system of equations on your graph paper to answer the question. {y=−x+4y=x−2 what is the solution for the system of equations? enter your answer in the boxes.
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Which point does not lie on the graph k(x) = 8 -3 √x a. (-64, 12) b. (125, 3) c. (343, 1) d. (8, 5)
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Which option identifies how kevin should proceed in the following scenario? four years ago kevin designed an mp3 player for young children. now that technology has changed, he would like to update his design to ensure that it encompasses cutting-edge techniques. by creating a third-angle projection of his ideas by designing an isometric projection of his new ideas by referring to past designs and illustrations of his original model by conferring with engineers who have improved upon similar devices
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Lucy spent $165 in december using a new credit card. in january, she began paying between $15 and $25 each month towards her account balance.
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How do you simplify 420/1980?...