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A city grid of Anytown, USA is shown on the grid below. The fire department is represented by quadrilateral RSTU. Another fire department is opening in a different part of the city to maximize fire protection. The size of the new department's property must be congruent to the older department. Vertices A and B are plotted on the grid below to represent two vertices of the new fire department quadrilateral ABCD: Map of Anytown. The line y equals 7 is Main Road. The line y equals 3 is Rose Lane. The line y equals negative 5 is Crystal Avenue. The line x equals negative 4 is Brick Street. The diagonal line is Dogwood Drive. Old Fire Department forms quadrilateral with ordered pairs R at negative 4, negative 3, S at negative 1, negative 3, T at negative 1, negative 5, U at negative 4, negative 5, A is at 4, 3 and B is at 1, 3.

What could be the ordered pairs representing vertices C and D of quadrilateral ABCD so that the new fire department is congruent to the old fire department?

C(1, 1), D(4, 1)

C(1, 6), D(4, 6)

C(1, 2), D(4, 2)

C(1, 4), D(4, 4)

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A city grid of Anytown, USA is shown on the grid below. The fire department is represented by quadri...
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