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as a plane takes off it ascends at a 20 degree angle of elevation. if the plane has been traveling at an average rate of 270 ft/s and continues to ascend at the same angle, then how high is the plane after 10 seconds (the plane has traveled 2700 ft).
923.5 feet
2537.2 feet
2873.3 feet
7894.3 feet
a person noted that the angle of elevation to the top of a tree was 65 degrees at a distance of 11 feet from the tree. using the diagram approximate the height of the tree.
5.128 feet
26.005 feet
12.14 feet
23.590 feet
determine the pitch (i. e. angle) of the ram of a nascar turn.
40.0 degrees
32.9 degrees
57.1 degrees
29.6 degrees

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as a plane takes off it ascends at a 20 degree angle of ele...
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