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Part A Synthesize and evaluate your thoughts and response. Researching and
preparing for a discussion helps to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of a
group discussion. To start forming your response, write down your initial
thoughts on your chosen topic.
Answer these questions as you develop your thesis and prepare for the small-
group discussion:
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1. What is the American identity?
2. What is your cultural background?
3. How does your culture fit into the American identity?
4. How have historical events contributed to the development
of an American identity?
5. How has the American identity evolved over time?
6. What is the "American Dream"?
7. Is the "American Dream" synonymous to the American

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Which of the following statements is true a. active voice avoid responsibility and should never be used
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Kwan gazed out at her brother and heard his shrieks of delight as he tried to direct their marvelous flying creation. she watched it wheel, spin, and dive—a wild, colorful bird putting on an aerial display. its gold and red crepe-paper wings fluttered in the air, mimicking the flight of a predatory bird surveying the landscape for prey. it swooped and dived, perhaps discovering a possible meal, and then went airborne again to avoid the rocky terrain below. min was the falconer, guiding his bird on its path through the sky, not yet ready to call it back to the ground. but kwan grew concerned when she looked out at the dark, threatening clouds beginning to roll in off the water. when she saw the streaks of lightning within the cloud formation, she pointed to the distant storm and called out to her little brother to bring in the kite. min nodded and rolled in the kite string, bringing his bird home. “let’s go,” kwan told her brother and put her arm around him to fold him safely under her wing as they both held onto the kite. “it’s time to go home.” how does the extended metaphor in paragraph 3 affect the mood of this passage? a-it creates a feeling of silliness that captures the absurd humor of the situation. b- it creates a sense of tranquility to match the feelings of min at this point. c-it creates a feeling of fear over what may happen if the kite crashes. d-it creates a sense of awe and wonder at min's mastery of the kite.
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How did mlk jr.’s “voice” in his speeches shape the civil rights movement
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Once back in england, how does defoe describe robinson's life and perspective?
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Part A Synthesize and evaluate your thoughts and response. Researching and
preparing for a d...
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