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Read the excerpts from Does My Head Look Big in This? and Persepolis. Excerpt from Does My Head Look Big in This?:

My best friends, Leila Okulgen and Yasmeen Khan, moved on to a public high school close to Coburg, where they live. I begged my parents to let me go with them but Mom and Dad insisted that I go to a private school. I tried everything. At first I sucked up to them big time, making them coffee after dinner, offering to set the table before Mom had a chance to ask me, letting them watch PBS documentaries when I wanted to watch Big Brother. That didn’t work. So I turned political, ranting about them perpetuating the snobby bourgeoisie power trip of our educational system which forges aristocratic divisions between social classes (I got that from a PBS documentary). Talk about having no compassion or social conscience. They just laughed at me and gave me a pile of literature about the school.

Excerpt from Persepolis:

A page titled The Letter from the graphic novel Persepolis.

Which statement is true about the narrators’ different perspectives?

-Amal is worried about how the political situation will affect her education, while Marjane is concerned with helping people who are suffering.
-Amal is concerned about the suffering of people around her, while Marjane is concerned only with her own suffering.
-Amal and Marjane are both dedicated to learning about the political landscape and using their knowledge to help others.
-Amal and Marjane are both interested in taking what they have learned about politics and social class and applying it to their own situation.

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Read the excerpts from Does My Head Look Big in This? and Persepolis. Excerpt from Does My Head Loo...
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