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In what sense is the common idea of the relevant to the issues on the society​

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Arrange the events in chinese history in chronological order using the numbers 1-4. the ming dynasty falls to the qing. china experiences a 400-year period of peace known as the pax sinica during the han dynasty. a golden age of expansion and culture occurs during the tang dynasty. nationalists and communists fight a civil war for control of china.
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In keats's "ode to a nightingale," to which of the following methods does keats not turn in his attempt to reconnect imaginatively with the "melodious bird"? - poetry - white wine - opium - sparkling red wine
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In the excerpt from the emancipation proclamation, which phrase or sentence supports the claim that president lincoln did not want the slaves to take up arms against their former masters?
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Match each word from richard connell's short story "the most dangerous game" to its correct meaning. placid doggedly zealous scruples with determination arrowright extremely passionate arrowright morals arrowright calm arrowright
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In what sense is the common idea of the relevant to the issues on the society​...
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