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Janie’s grandmother tells her that she wanted her to “pick from a higher bush and a sweeter berry.” What specific dream did Janie’s grandmother have for her granddaughter? When contrasted with Janie’s vision of her life as a tree, what is ironic about her grandmother’s words? Kimball Peak Janie took one step, then another, then another. Her legs shook as her sneakers dug Into the hard-packed earth of Kimball Peak. It wasn't a mountain peak, but it was the biggest hill in all of Tuckahoe. The older kids, like Janie's brother Tyler, could easily climb it. Janie had tried many times, but never made it farther than halfway before she had to turn around, defeated. She Jabbed her toes into the soll-again, again, again. Finally, Janie stood atop the hilll As she threw her hands to the sky, Janie hoped the entire town could see her.
:The Race These passages share the theme that hard work can lead to feelings of self-satisfaction. Which action of the main characters helps readers understand the theme?
01. winning a race
2. encouraging others
3. practicing to improve their skills
0 4. extending their hands in the air​

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Read this excerpt from "birdfoot's grampa.” but, leathery hands full of wet brown life, knee deep in the summer roadside grass, he just smiled and said they have places to go to too. why does the author use the words "wet brown life” in this excerpt? a to show that the grass is still alive and growing b to indicate that the mud is all over everything c to signify how wet the night has become d to point out that the toads are living things
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Plz asap read this sentence from paragraph 3 of the article. the boys and girls are merely asked to obtain the signatures of ten friends or relatives. how does the word "merely" affect the meaning of the sentence? a- it suggests that asking people to subscribe to the washington times is something negative. b- it implies that obtaining ten signatures is not a requirement for receiving a prize. c- it downplays the fact that to win the prize, children must ask people to subscribe to the washington times. d- it emphasizes that children receive the prize only if they obtain ten signatures.
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(20 points) passage: this year will be a record-breaking year for storms 1it looks like 2012 will be a year for the record books. thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes have increased across the country. the storms' high winds and heavy rains are making history. early tornado and hurricane seasons 2in march, not usually a busy month for tornadoes, the south and midwest had a large number of twisters. warm weather made conditions ripe for the creation of tornadoes. on some days, twisters dropped from the sky by the dozen. 3hurricane season also came early. two tropical storms hit the southeast in may. two more strong storms followed in june. severe thunderstorms 4many states that have escaped tornadoes and hurricanes have had severe thunderstorms. these giant storms dumped several inches of rain and caused flooding across the northeast and midwest. 5the end of hurricane season is months away, and this year's storm count and rainfall amounts could leave 2011 in the dust. forecasters say the wet, windy weather might stick around until fall. labor day parade rained out 6there is no joy in green town, where the annual labor day parade was called off because of heavy rain. the town's mayor says the parade hasn't been rained out in fifty years. 7a strong band of thunderstorms hit green town on sunday. more than two inches of rain fell each hour. by monday morning, main street looked more like a creek than a parade route. mayor nora bell said she had to call off the parade. "the heavy rains have created a serious safety issue in green town," she said. 8the loss of the labor day parade is green town's second disappointment this summer. in may, the memorial day parade was also called off because of rain. "this must be one of the wettest summers in history," mayor bell said. 9according to the national weather service, mayor bell is right. this summer will break rainfall records in green town and across the country. question: who would obtain the most useful information from the passage? a) someone planning a holiday picnic. b) someone interested in documenting annual meteorological patterns. c) an advocate for the green town labor day parade. d) someone who wishes to do research on the alleged truth of the "global warming" phenomenon.
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