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Question 1 Part A

What is a central idea in the Newsela article "Washed-Up Plastics Become Art with a Vital Message"?

Often, art can be a vehicle that brings people together who normally don't interact with many others.

Art can be designed and presented in many unusual ways, including art that makes music.

Sometimes art can be huge and interactive, which oftentimes can be a little scary.

Art that is attractive can be used to make people aware of a tragic problem in the world.
Question 2
Part B

Which detail from the text best conveys the answer in Part A?

"That sculpture's long leaves include metal and plastic bottle caps strung on wires so they rattle when a leaf is lightly touched."

"Qaiyim had thought the exhibit might be more interesting to coastal residents."

"Pozzi's goal is to create art that is 'beautiful, and a little horrifying.'"

"In addition to the shark and two jellyfish sculptures, there is a walk-through whale ribcage made with bucket lids, bottles, buoys and bait traps."

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Question 1 Part A

What is a central idea in the Newsela article "Washed-Up Plastics Bec...
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