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Ay jam with already by kodak black

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How should i transition this woodrow wilson was born on december 28, 1856, in staunton, virginia. his parents were joseph wilson, a presbyterian minister, and jessie wilson, a confederate nurse. growing up wilson was rigorously taught oratory and debate by his father, which would later become a passion of wilsons. wilson eventually enrolled at davidson college in 1874 but later transferred to princeton in 1875. after wilson graduated from princeton in 1879, he went on to study law at the university of virginia. wilson concluded his education at john hopkins university where he earned his ph.d. in political science and history. wilson went on to teach at bryn mawr and wesleyan. it wasn’t until 1890 that he accepted a professorship to teach at college of new jersey, now known as princeton, which led to him becoming the 13th president of princeton. wilson brought many curriculum upgrades and through his efforts it is said that he is the one who shaped the college of new jersey into the prestigious princeton university. in 1909 wilson’s efforts sparked the attention of several new jersey democrats who asked him to run for governor in 1910. wilson’s victory launched his political career and in 1912 he ran for president and succeeded. he was inaugurated on march 4, 1913. wilson went on to pursue promises made during his campaign based on a “new freedom” platform. these promises included lowering tariffs, creating the federal reserve system, championing antitrust legislation, improving protections for workers, and establishing the federal trade commission. wilson’s new freedom platform favored small businesses and farmers. he signed the underwood-simmons act, which reduced tax rates that had previously favored industrialists over small business. he also approved the federal reserve act, making loans more accessible to the average american. i know need transition into talking about his involvement in the kkk.
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Read this excerpt from patrick henry's speech ''give me liberty or give me death.'' what is the main idea of the text
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Which point(s) of view do whitman's and coleridge's speaker use ?
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What does breathless mean in the following sentence? after elizabeth won the race, she was breathless with excitement. a.was about to faint b.was not able to breathe c.was at the finish line d.was not excited
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Ay jam with already by kodak black...
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