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A total of $59,000 is borrowed and repaid with 60 monthly payments, with the first payment occurring 1 month after receipt of the $59,000. The stated interest rate is 7% compounded monthly. What monthly payment should be made?

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Alocal club is selling christmas trees and deciding how many to stock for the month of december. if demand is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 20, trees have no salvage value at the end of the month, trees cost $20, and trees sell for $50 what is the service level?
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Amethod of allocating merchandise cost that assumes the first merchandise bought was the first merchandise sold is called the a. last-in, first-out method. b. first-in, first-out method. c. specific identification method. d. average cost method.
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Gamegirl inc., has the following transactions during august. august 6 sold 76 handheld game devices for $230 each to ds unlimited on account, terms 2/10, net 60. the cost of the 76 game devices sold, was $210 each. august 10 ds unlimited returned six game devices purchased on 6th august since they were defective. august 14 received full amount due from ds unlimited. required: prepare the transactions for gamegirl, inc., assuming the company uses a perpetual inventory syste
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How is challah bread made? if i have to dabble the recipe?
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A total of $59,000 is borrowed and repaid with 60 monthly payments, with the first payment occurring...
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