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Which could be in the fourth trophic level of a food chain

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What is the function of nucleic acids
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Freckles are a dominant trait in humans. both of the girls have the genotype ff for freckles. if either one marries a man with no freckles, what are the chances that their children will have freckles?
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What mistake did john needham make that caused him to conclude that spontaneous generation for microorganisms occurred? a. he re-contaminated his boiled broth solutions. b. he destroyed the vital force in the solutions. c. he did not boil his broth solutions, only warmed them. d. he failed to seal his flasks of boiled broth. e. he allowed his assistant to conduct the experiment which he did not monitor closely.
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Creating new things to solve problems and improve life depends on the close interaction of which two fields?
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Which could be in the fourth trophic level of a food chain...